Lost in Tokyo

Unlike Bill Murray who was lost in translation – I got lost in Tokyo.
It all began one day when I went to buy a bicycle – it was about a month ago if you remember. They promised that it would get delivered before the end of the May – but probably around the 15th of May. I don’t have to tell you that they kept the promise – after all this is Japan. But the thing in which I was really disappointed was that I got it at the end of the month – not around the 15th.
A package arrived for me on Monday during the first class. By the shape of the package you couldn’t mistake in guessing what was inside. I asked teacher to be a bit late for the next class – just to take it to my room and it was OK.
It arrived in a bad moment – just 4 days before the midterm exam. But that didn’t stop me from trying it out the next day.
I put on my helmet, put on the sneakers and asked my friend, and my official photographer ; ) Dono-san, to take pictures of me going to the maiden voyage of this bicycle.
Because I don’t know the streets around here – I decided to go only straight from one place – and to see where I will end up. I almost got used to drive on the left side – but it can happen that when I turn into another street that I go to the right side. So as planned I went down the road for some 30km – or more – I really don’t know because I didn’t buy speedometer – but after that I saw a nice park and went in there. I stopped around – took some photos – and when I wanted to go to the part where it is the “hanging world” – various parts of the world represented somehow (I don’t know how – I didn’t see it) – I was notified that the working hours of the park are over and that I should leave. So I will have to return here some day – if I am able to find it again.
The return trip was a bit harder – because at the end I didn’t do my rule – just go straight – I ended up not knowing how to return. So my only solution was to ask people how to return – and it can be only done in japanese. So I do it. I ask people and I get responses like… “Fuchu-shi…aaaa… Sumimasen, Wakaranai, sumimasen” (Fuchu… ahhh… I am sorry but I don’t know, I am sorry), or “Fuchu-shi… tooi desu….” (Fuchu – ah that is very far…). So from some of them I got instructions, some people didn’t know where it is. At the way back I stumbled upon one more park where I have found the perfect place for barbeque on May 1st. In that park some kids were attempting some tricks with skate’s.
That was meant to be a short drive trough the Tokyo since I didn’t have much time – but when you get lost – you can not affect the time needed to get back. I think I have spoken to something like 20 people on my way back to ask for the directions. I have to say that it was very safe to drive the bicycle on the streets of the Tokyo – drivers always gave me enough space – even slowed down on places where they could not overtake me because of the vehicles from the opposite directions.

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