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As you may have already noticed – I didn’t have too much time for myself here. After all, this is Japan and we have to study really much. I was, and still am, lagging a bit behind and was concerned about my capability to study because I was noticeably lagging behind the rest of the group except one guy. But I found the reason for that. This year, unlike before, majority of people have already had some classes of Japanese – and all of the people from my class, except me and one guy, learned already Japanese and knew already around 150 kanjis before coming here.

We had a visit to Fuchi-shi recycling center and watched a movie about recycling in there and saw the machines. The movie was in 日本語 (Japanese) and we were not provided with translations but I could understand the point. I can tell you one thing – they are crazy… As I have already told you they require you to separate all your trash to several categories – but it’s not only that. YOU have to WASH cans and bottles etc. before you throw it to trash. If you want to throw out something huge like old chair – you can not just throw it like that – but you have to take it to recycling center – and to pay them to take it. There they have also a store of recycled things – recycled furniture, recycled bicycles (they have a mechanics who assemble bicycles from parts available – and it seems that they do a good job).

Two days ago we had guest teachers from other universities to practice talking with them. I was very nervous about it prior to the class but in the end it wasn’t that bad and I was astonished how good I could talk. Also somehow came the theme of what languages we can speak – I think it was when I mentioned that I know Russian. So he asked me which language we speak in Serbia – I say Serbian, and he was like OK, you know Serbian, English, Russian and now you are learning Japanese – wow… And later I had just to add – I know also Croatian, Bosnian, I can understand if I struggle Macedonian… I am sorry that I didn’t add Montenegrin and that I can understand a bit of Bulgarian. And like a cherry on the top I added that I learned Latin in school… Now he was like no way… and asked me to tell him something in Latin… But the good thing is that I really learned a bunch of quotes from Latin and that is the only thing I remember. I could maybe read now Latin – but probably couldn’t translate anything. I even started learning German – my friend, Lijljana-san, gave me classes of it but I was really busy and… heh… irresponsible…. so I didn’t learn it… My Russian here is improving a lot…

Hmmm… next few lines will be only for Serbian speaking folks for undisclosed reason ; )
Juče htedoh da zapalim sa poslednjeg časa jer tu ne vode evidenciju ko je prisutan – u principu se gledaju neki filmovi i sl – ne mogu da se setim čega je čas – al nebitno… U principu stižem ja u lift i ljudi mi kažu – e javili su nam da danas vode evidenciju ko je prisutan… i svi smo otrčali nazad na čas… Stvarno su upisivali… Mada vredelo je ostati.
On last class we have watched one part of the very long movie called “Corporations”. I recommend to all to watch it – it is about how the corporations came to life in this world, how are they abusing the planet, manipulating media, using the people in poor countries etc. Please watch it.

Today we had a international welcome party in our cafeteria. There were people from embassies of the students, all students introduced themselves, there were also guests from Japanese government who are responsible for these Monbukagakusho scholarships. If I understood correctly – majority of the students are for arts – and less then 50% is for natural and social sciences. I cannot say that I was surprised, because I was not, that no one from my embassy came. And as Komatsu-sensei told me – they even did not care enough to respond to invitation to say if they are coming. Eto… to su Srbi… odgovornost na nivou…
On the party everyone wanted me to take photos of them – so if I fail in studies – I can go and pursue career in professional photography of this type of events ; ) We had a lot of delicious food available (for free) and at the end of the party they told us to take food with us. And there was a lot of food. So we took it to the dormitory and made after party… We were eating and eating, people came with boxes and carried to their rooms for next days… And we still did not manage to empty the plates. I ate a lot, so much that I couldn’t even breathe anymore, and those of you who know me know that it has to be veeeeery much ; )
I must apologize to a lot of people for not replying to their emails because I really am very tight with time. And when bicycle arrives – it is going to be a disaster.
Tonight expect some photos – at least I expect that I will upload them ; )
If I remember something more – I will write – but for now I can not think about anything interesting…
Now heading to the gym.

P.S. Za one koji su se pitali šta znači ono “Čuvajte mi Jugoslaviju” – to je bilo za one kojima sam obećao da će to da bude sadržaj oproštajne poruke kada budem napuštao Srbiju. Inače tu rečenicu je izgovorio drug Slobodan Milošević kada je išao u Dejton da potpiše sporazum…

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