Visiting Tokyo Tower

Now there exist several photos of me in Tokyo – but I currently have access only to this one ; ) I hope that soon I will be able to see them all.

So you now have evidence that I am in Tokyo.

Marta, Jana and I in the morning – at 9AM (on Saturday…) went sight seeing in the center of our part of Tokyo. We only visited the Shinto shrine – Okunitama Shrine – which is one of the oldest shrines in Japan. It is older than 1900 years. I acted as a true Japanese tourist – pointing my camera in every direction and taking photos ; )
We couldn’t enter the shrine so don’t expect some details about it – only thing I can say is – it’s nice. From the outside. In front of it there is a large something where you throw a coin, probably make a wish, bow to it and then clap your hands. That’s what I presumed after carefully watching what are people doing…
After that we went to eat and to shop. I was worse than these girls… they succeeded in buying some stuff while I was only running around the jeans and trying out some. In the end – I didn’t buy anything – I decided to go to another shop and search there ; ) A lot of other things I wanted to buy I didn’t… I didn’t have enough cash with me… for example I found a nice watch, Tag Heuer one, for a merely 2000 EUR. I also had some problems with the clothing… it was not 2000 but only 200 EUR for the t-shirt – OK it has a brand name – but it is still just a t-shirt. And a lot of other stuff was overpriced. I also couldn’t find a Levi’s 501 in color I wanted. Ugh… I hate unsuccessful shopping’s.
After returning home a group formed which wanted to go to visit Tokyo tower. I was very eager to go – so I immediately accepted – under one condition – that my hair dries until that. The problem here is that I don’t have a hair dryer and the second problem is that I don’t even plan on buying one ; ) While we were on our way to the station we had a nice chat – and on the half way to the train station we realized that half of the group was missing. Oups. We than voted what to do and somehow in the end decided that we should go back and check what happened with the rest of the team. They returned because of… what was it? I don’t remember – never mind – but we went to the station all together. We bought the tickets – transfer tickets that is because we needed to change the train at the Shinjuku to the other one. At the Shinjuku we realized that we had the wrong tickets… never mind… bought another ones and went where we wanted. On the exit from the station we were looking where is the tower located on the map – and we couldn’t find it. After asking some young japanese people we realized that we are in the wrong place. So back to the station, buy another ticket and after couple of stops – we were finally on a 10 minute walk from the tower.
Tower itself is I think like Eiffel tower – but bigger and lighter. Japanese also made their own statue of liberty ; ) I have to see that. After waiting in a queue and climbing to the tower we had a nice view of the Tokyo by night. We could also go the the special observation level – way up higher – but they told us that we had to wait 60 minutes – because the queue is that large… no thanks. We were to hungry to wait 60 minutes and after all – what could be different? So we just went back home.
We stopped by a man on a street who is selling some food (you can see it in a gallery) and bought something to eat. I finally started using some japanese – something like – Sore wa nan desu ka? Kore wa ikura desu ka? And stuff like that ; ) It felt a bit odd. The food was not anything special – I should stick to the chinese restaurant near our campus ; )
In the train back home a women from Japan asked us are we foreign students, then where are we from etc. etc. etc… She told me that she had a friend in Serbia – who is now living in Canada… She met him same as she met us in a train – but they became friends – at least so she says. After exiting a train – she also wanted to have a picture with all of us… It was so unusual…

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