Second day of school

For the ones who were enough mean to send me an email notifying me that I have errors in my English here – yes – I know it! I know that my English is not what it used to be, and for a long time I didn’t like to use it in front of the people who know English. It got that bad because of the nature of my job I did during past years.
There was interesting thing on the class today. We learned how to ask for the price of something and to say the prices of same things. Teacher for that purpose brought some big paper from a market with some product pictures and the prices of those products. It’s something like in Belgrade we receive from Maxi supermarket, Idea and similar. We came up to apples and the price is 80 yen (0.8 USD). I just had to ask is that for a kilogram. Teacher just laughed and told that it is off course per piece! I told her that that is the price per kilogram in Serbia and she just could not believe it. After that she for almost all prices checked with me and for all of them I told that they are expensive there. Here are some grapefruit is also 80 yen a piece and pork – 100 grams of pork is 700 yen (7 USD).
Later in the class of the intercultural communication we did some things – like writing or drawing what we felt when we arrived and/or feel now, then also had to fill in a form also about some our feelings, what we miss from our country etc. After all that we played a bingo game – we had a table 5×5 with some characteristics of a person and we had to find person with that characteristic to sign in that field. As you get 5 persons in a row or in a column – you can go to the dorm (and later return for medical check). The thing that most of the people didn’t realize, that was concealed behind the game is that the teacher is making a really nice database of our characteristics without us even knowing, OK except some of us.
Medical check came up fine. They told me that I don’t need to wear glasses ; ) My right eye has perfect vision (1.5) and the left eye is weaker (0.9 and the OK vision is 1.0). Well nothing I didn’t already know.
Weather finally improved today and tomorrow if it stays this way we go to visit some shrine or temple, go shopping (yay!) and stuff like that. Maybe I will even ask a friend to take a photo of me in Japan – since some of you asked also why there is no me in the pictures. Well if I stand from behind the camera – it can not include me in the picture, right?

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