School year begins

Another rainy day begins – and with it also school year. Weather is like in November back home – so it is not that unusual to start classes now ; ) We were handed out these textbooks (in the picture), some tapes and tape recorders to listen to them and we went to our first classes. Yeah – you read it right – tape recorders… But the good thing is that all material is also available on line for learning – well designed, with sounds and texts.
Classes are a bit harder than what I assumed. Two out of three teachers spoke jinglish – and not English – so it was very hard to distinct when they speak in Japanese and when they speak in English. And they do speak a lot in Japanese. But as time passes I think that that will be only an advantage. Classes are 90 minutes long and we have 10 minute breaks in between and after second class we have 1 hour lunch break. According to schedule for now we will only have 3 classes per day. During the lunch break I haven’t tried to go to the chinese restaurant but gave second chance to student cafeteria. Again – prices are low – and so are the servings. After spending a total of $6 for lunch – I now feel hungry – and if you remember for $8 in chinese restaurant I can live 24 hours. And the food is of much better taste in chinese restaurant. And now – I go to do the homework. It’s raining – so there is not much better things to do. Oh yes – yesterday finally I succeeded in putting my music collection on my MacBook so now I can listen whatever I want! (And annoy the annoying neighbor) Yeeeeey!

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